Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BAT Practice

The ability to leave your armor at the practice sight is so seductive for those f us who travel by subway. Not having to negotiate ten flights of stairs (the R to the F transfer at 4th Avenue) is so nice!! I brought my armor home with me this week because I might go to Nutley tonight. But leaving it there is so cool.

I took it very easy at practice Sunday. I was going to fight everybody there at tleast three fights. That was my plan. Fat chance. Leo was out of armor before I could get to him, then I decided to get a ride home with Alexandre, so I left early. Fighters in armor included me, Leo, Nikolai, Timur, Oscad, Alexandre, Bill, Puppy, and..... swear there was somebody else..... Oh well. I fught Nik, Timur, Oscad, Bill and Alexandre.

Against Timur I used Bill's 2 x 3 heater. Seductive. Timur couldn't really touch me. The only time he hit me was when I went goofy foot. Of course, I also had no offense, was thinking too much, and was quite frankly bored. But I should probably fight in crown like that a couple of times. I did get him with some straight grill cuts, which I almost never throw but are pretty natural out of that sance.

Nik, Bill, and Oscad I fought using the sword and center-grip. Did pretty well.

Against Alexandre we both fought two sword. I used that pseudo Silver/Liberi crossover technique and it worked well, but he was killing me with a simple sweep/thrust to my shouldes technique. Got me with it two or three times.

This is turning into a really good practice.


Lucas said...

I really hope to make this practice in the future. Coming from the island should be a bit of a challenge, but doable. I usually attend the lion's end practice in new hyde park on thursdays. While its a lot of fun, i need to push myself harder. Hopefully i'll be able to make it soon. Will you be at the March 30th Lion's End "Spring training" event? If so, I'd like to cross swords with you.

MAC said...

No, I think I'm going to the auto show on Sunday. It's the only day I can get over there.