Sunday, March 23, 2008

Western Crown Results

The other day I said Bunny-rounds rule. While in general that is true, it is not true this day :)

Sir Titus won Western Crown on Saturday. He is one of the new breed to West Kingdom big shield fighters, and he beat one of the younger classic bunny-round fighters in the finals, Duke Connor. I was surprised at the outcome, even though Titus winning was the buzz I heard last week. I considered Connor to be a notch above. Good job Titus!

But Titus was fighting for my SCA mom, Baroness Eilis, the woman whom I used to fight for on my forays into the West, after I moved to the East kingdom (now I just fight for my sweetie). Of course I think this is the greatest possible result! If anybody deserves to be a queen it is Mom! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Western Spartans said...

The real difference between Titus and Connor that day was simply one was in practice and the other was not.

I had "heard" (which means, basically nothing) that Connor hadn't fought since last Oct. Crown, while I know for a fact Titus had been training very hard for this. In fact, he was completely clean that day.

After he crowned Ellis with Roses, a knight said to me "who saw that coming" - I answered that I had. To explain further - I had often been fighting Titus and Uther on the same knight, and as Crown approached, the difference in ass kicking was not as great as you would suppose. A different fight though.