Monday, March 10, 2008


Last year I obviously had a great year. I had fun at Birka. I finaled in a major tournament, I won a tourney at Pennsic, I went deep into Spring Crown and into June Crown in the West. I did ok in Fall Eastern crown. I fought well in three wars and had a great time. I was in armor a lot. Needless to say I was not banged up all that much.

This year is a bit different. I didn't fight in any tourneys at Estrella because I wanted to take it easy. I've been fighting regularly at BAT practice. And I hurt a bit. I fought at Birka after attending a couple of Nutley practices to warm up. I got really banged up and haven't completely recovered. My shoulder has been sore (like it was two years ago, not like the occasional twinge last year) ever since. It comes and goes but it definitely comes when I fight. My wrist is hurting whenever anybody shakes my hand hard. Yesterday at BAT my shoulder started hurting before I left the house. At practice my trapezium was bugging me after the first few fights. Then I fought Puppy and he hit me in the shoulder with that log he swings. My lovely wonderful girlfriend rubbed tiger balm on my shoulder and I iced it and popped a few motrin, so the pain went down, but for awhile lifting it was not easy. It's ok today. I'm not going to Nutley this week as a result, and I may take two weeks off.

So I am doing my shoulder re-hab exercising: rotation exercises with ten pound dumbells.

Needless to say I failed in my goal to fight everybody at practice. It was a good practice nonetheless. I fought Robert, Gui, Nik, Puppy, and Leo. I had good fights with all of them and a lot of fun.

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Ben said...

Use PT rubber bands to keep your rotator cuff healthy. Sucky part is that you have to do this like 5 days/week or your rotator cuff gets imbalanced (unless you recover with the same force you swing with).

For your wrist, I would recommend wrapping them every time you fight. You can use tape if you don't mind ripping the hair out, but have gone to "Everlast" boxer wraps. Also, I get the thickest cushiest tennis racket grip I can find and put it on my sword handles. Both of these serve the purpose of reducing the amount of "shock" transfered to your wrist and hand.

PS 3x2 heaters rule. Although I am going to make a more transitional kite/heater version, because I don't want to run around in a 14th C. Rig.