Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So this year was supposed to be a good year for me, building on the improvements I made to my fighting last year. I made it to quarter-finals (the final six) in last Eastern Crown, and felt (feel still) that I could improve on that this year. But injuries are getting me down. Yes, time to practice is getting in my way too, but last weekend I did not practice specifically because of injury.

Right now I am dealing with the trevails of age: intermittent shoulder, back, and knee pain. It's not bad. Usually Yoga drives away the back pain and returning to the gym for some physical therapy exercises (leg extensions, shoulder rotations) gets rid of the knee and shoulder pain. I can do some of that at home with rubber bands, dumbbells, and squats.

However, my wrist and elbow injuries are different. I broke my right wrist about twenty five years ago and have sprained it a number of times. I usually wrap it when I fight, but not if it's feeling good. Well I didn't wrap it when I fought at Iron Bog last week and it was swolen by the end of the day. I don't remember missing any body or being hit, but it hurt bad. It now only hurts if I squeeze it or torque it (don't do that).

My elbow hurts, but for the first time ever it is my left elbow. It has hurt since December, and I am sure it is from being either hit, torqued, or both while using the center-grip kite. It is essentially tennis elbow. This is bad because the center-grip kite has been doing really well for me, and besides I like the style.

The solution for both has been rest. I need to get one of those elbow bands people wear for tennis elbow and don't fight without wrapping my wrist ever again. However, more needs to be done:

* I am switching from a 38" center-grip kite to a 24" x 36" heater shield, which I've ordered from Ice. The strapped heater will change my style slightly, but it will put a LOT less strain on my elbow.

* Alfred has suggested cortisone shots for my elbow and, while getting them, I should probably have them in my wrist as well.

* Gripping exercises effect both injuries, so are probably good for me.

* As I said, Yoga and rubber bands. I also use Indian Clubs, which strengthens the shoulders and stretches the elbows.

Any other ideas??

Speaking of weight, it's hard to stick to the low carb diet during Lent, so I've gained a couple pounds. But spring has sprung and the bicycle has already been puled out and tuned up (rode it to BAT on Sunday). Plus as long as I'm working retail I'm getting an awesome cardio workout.

Yes, getting old sucks physically, but I love everything else about it--making mroe money, having more status at work, dare I say a bit of wisdom (just a bit). I'm not the fighter physically that I was at 30. But I am actually better mentally than I was then. I crossed an interesting bridge mentally about two years ago, and my fighting has improved considerably (going to the kite and losing weight helped too). But our game is one wherein with a bit of added armor many injuries can be alleviated. I'm adding shoulder armor back onto my kit for that very reason. Yoga and pilates cure most of our other injuries. It's only the breaks and the blown tendons that really stop us.

I did 50 push ups today and my elbow and wrist didn't hurt at the time. I'm feeling them now but that could be the typing as much as anything.

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