Sunday, March 20, 2011

western Crown

News flash!! Bastardswordsman wins Western Crown!!

Marc d'Arundel won crown over Viscount Rorik. Marc, as usual, was fighting with a two handed sword. Most call his a bastardsword. It is longer than a hand and a half, shorter than a zweihander. It's about the size of a claymore. The significance of this cannot be overstated. The only other fighters I know of who made any kind of run at Western Crown with a two handed sword are Elrin of Hrasfaelg, Branden d'Arundel (no relation), Elrik Skapvarger and Duke Paul. Of these, only Paul made it into the finals, using his nodachi. It was a common belief that if Paul couldn't do it nobody could.

So Marc's victory is especially noteworthy.

Also of note, two foreign knights, Duke Sean from Artimesia and Count Conrad from CAID went to semi finals.

Wish I had been there.

Congrats to their Royal Highnesses!
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