Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boy Scout Demo, March 10 2012

Ok, so like I said, Demos don't count. However they are helmet time.

The elbow continues to tighten up a bit from time-to-time, and last week it even had some of the tenderness of old, but that was after my kettle bell workout, and it cleared up over night. I have found that the most effective exercise is not the flexbar, though that really helps, it is doing my wrist exercises with the my light Indian clubs.

If you see my posts on Facebook or follow me on mapmyfitness.com, you will see that my workouts are more frequent. Because it will map walking (and I do a lot of it), I recorded a couple of longer walks last week. Monday I did a full cable workout plus some yoga, Wednesday I did my kettle bell and Indian clubs workout. Friday I was going to go to the gym until I got a call to be an extra to be on the Untitled Roland Emerich Project. (which was awesome fun, btw--he is kinder to and more involved with extras than any other director I have worked for. I really liked him. In spite of Annonymous). This meant no workouts but (literally) five hours of standing--which burns a lot of calories.

Of course, fighting at the demo was fun. I even did something other than sword and shield. In addition to that I fought mace and shield, two sword, and great sword.

Everything felt really good. My elbow didn't tighten up. I was throwing more blows than I normally would, just to put on a good show. Using that short broadsword I found that, once again, I was reduced to three or four blows, but all of them were fast and effective. My kills were always with an onside cut to 5 from a high guard (the "saber cut"), whether with the sword or the mace. Fighting two-sword I won against the sword and shield guy then got destroyed by Gui fighting two maces (yes, I wrote that). Fighting Greatsword Alexander and I double killed and then he beat me. He is a very good greatsword fighter--better than me, and I was pleased with the fight.

Sunday I had planned to fight at BAT (yes, it is still open) but the elbow kept me from it. It didn't hurt, but I didn't want to push it. I did however do slow work with my new man at arms, Duncan. He is new and had never really done it before. I found it was useful to limit us. We would do it without moving, then at range, then moving in and out of range, the last thing I did was add sword blocks. It was useful to break things down like that for him. Then we worked on strike-while-you-block slow work drills. This is what I need most, and he really liked it and it opened his eyes to some stuff. Good training session.

My next time in armor will be at Western Crown in ten days.

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