Monday, March 5, 2012

Non progress report

I think the warranty must be up on my body. That's the only thing that makes any sense. Oh, no, wait: I'm old. That's it. If age is a state of mind then I'm about 13--or so my girlfriend tells me. However if, as Ronald says, it's not the years or the mileage, it's the roads, then I have been traveling the Baja 500 for the past 36 years....

Gripe gripe gripe.

I skipped a couple days of my pt. I went back on my workout schedule, and lifted 3 days out of five,and my elbow pain is back tonight with a vengeance. It sucks. I had felt no pain at all for a couple of weeks, including fighting at BATtle Royale (with cheese). More pt on the way.

as I said, I am back on my workout regimen. I had been sick, then busy, then tired, but waled a lot last week (still nursing my injured Achilles) and started lifting. I lifted and did some core work on Thursday, I went to the gym and did a cable workout and 17. Invites on the treadmill (which didn't seem to bother my Achilles tendons at all), and then I lifted and did yoga today. I feel great! Unfortunately, as I said, it seems to have irritated my elbow.

Here is where I am a true failure this week. I had not fought since BATttle Royale (with cheese). I sipped the next week because i was running the tourney and the weened after because I was out of town.this weekend I had planned to fight again. I sent the call out for people to come to BAT since we had a couple more weeks. Gui wanted to go to Jersey instead, but I kind of feel it my duty as local marshal to keep BAT open till we finally lose it. Ervald and Jarrod were going to try to get there but neither of them made it. Dougal showed up. We had really showed up to let Jarrod in. GUI suggested we go to a movie after doing some armor repairs. That was cool, because I needed to fix my vambraces. While we were fixing our armor Oscad showed up. So we had three knights and one really good unbelted fighter, all of us with armor, and we just arguedolitics and then went out for wings (which I couldn't eat because it is Lent). Thinking about it today,I realized what a bunch of lazy turds we had all been. I am ashamed.

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