Monday, July 11, 2011

BAT practice

Got into armor at BAT on Sunday. First time since a slight medical issue that occurred in California (at 47 I am now old enough for slight medical issues).

Started out by renewing my rapier authorization after a 25 year lapse. I fight it at practice all the time, but haven't been authorized since before there were society wide rules and all we had to use were epees. So I have more stuff to buy at Pennsic.

Donned my armor. Only fought 4 sets of fights, but there were only four of us geared up. Fought Dugal with Bastards swords. He is good but he comes straight forward and relies on the thrust. I was going back to basics, using my Elrik influenced long-point style and did well. Several times I got my sword on top of his and killed him, and once or twice killed him with the thrust. I could not kill him with a molinee however, and that usually works for me.

Next I fought Andrew with glaives. He is getting better. A straight up attack worked fine but opposing my thumbs didn't.

Fought Dugal sword and shield. Felt good.

Next I fought Nick with sword and shield. By then my arms were tired so it was an exercise in beating fatigue. His defense is always tight and he hits like a stone mason, so its a fun fight. He reminded me why I fight sword forward, even though I don't like that style.
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