Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So I succumbed to the advertising on the Tour de France and downloaded the mapmyride app. I am using it to keep track of my workout progress and, while I don't like the website, and there are some kins in the nutrition section, I do like the mapping feature, the calorie calculator, and the workout log. I wasn't able to find kettle bells on the drop down menu though. That needs a fix. It uploads my workouts automatically to Facebook and, in theory, to, though I haven't figured out how that part works yet. But my workouts can be seen on facebook now, which will show everybody how much I'm slacking off.

My first experiment with it yesterday included some road rash. I rode my bike to work at City College (16 miles) and on the way hit a pothole on the West Side Highway and went over my handle bars, Well, actually, one of them hit me in the ribs, which still hurts. After class I rode down to Soho for late lunch with my sister and her family (about nine miles) and then home, though I didn't start the gps right away, so it only showed that as a bit over six miles. It was, for all intents and purposes, a 32 mile day. The app records my distance, elevation changes, average speed and total time. Pretty cool.

The day before that I did my kettle bell workout, but didn't upload that one. That log is pretty general though.

Today, though I had planned to ride to school again, I took the subway. My ribs needed the recovery time. Hopefully I won't have to wear the body armor at Pennsic.

And speaking of Pennsic, it starts on Saturday. I won't be there till second Saturday, but am already antsy.

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