Monday, July 25, 2011

More on spring crown

I finally got some mroe videos uploaded to youtube of my fights at Spring Crown. There are at least three more, but they are all of the same fight.

This first fight I don't have much to say about. It was one of my two best kills. I'm very pleased with my execution of the leg shot, becaue I move right while throwing it and I get my hands high to block his shot at the same time. Range would have been more even if I'd used the bastard sword, but a maul is a polearm, and so it stuck in my mind that that was what I should be using. Regardles, from a practical poitn of view, it was the right choice.

The next one is my first fight with Oscad, in which we double kill. It demonstrates an axiom of polearm fighting: if you go to the opposite hand of your opponent, so that your polearms are in line instead of being crossed, you open up more attcks for both of you. That's why we double killed.

In our refight I am doing great. Watch how I fake him out of his socks and then miss the thrust with my first shot. I probaly would have had him if I'd followed up faster when he let go of his polearm, but I was too slow.

The next three are of me fighting a squire of Duke Gryfith. The long conversation in the first one is me trying to talk him out of taking a real wambly shot that he had clearly blocked. The embarasing part is how long it took me to kill him after I'd taken his arm. Note how the rules save me when he accidentally punches me in the face with his gauntlet.

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