Monday, July 4, 2011

Training for crown

Last post for today, then I have to get cracking on some real work.

Act two of crown training was spposed to start tomorrow. My first act has been limited to yoga and indian clubs and working reatail (great workout, retail, especially when stairs and ladders are involved) and fighting in Western crown. But I've been injured recently with a back that is bothering me (although it seems better when I've been fighting) and I've been working three jobs. Plus I had a slight health issue when I was in Cali that still needs to be resolved (read: I fainted, woke up alone on the floor of my room at a Motel 6 in Rhonert Park, which is not how I would like to go out--it seems to have been dehydration and stress plus way too much coffee). Tomorrow I start teaching summer sessiion, which means long long bike rides up to City College every day and Wednesday nights off (excpet for this Wednesday, natch).

In fact, act two started today, July 4. On employee apreciation day at Paragon I bought a sleeping bag, a brace, atheletic tape, socks, and a 12 kilo kettle bell. That's about 26 pounds. Today I used it for the first time and did my whole kettle bell workout:

Standingg rows
curl & press
two-handed front straight-arm raises/tricep extensions
two handed swings
Swinging stop-motion curls
one handed switch-swings
one handed snatch
turkish lift

I feel great! Tomorrow is the long bike ride and maybe indian clubs.

Now back to writing for pay.....

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